Customer Testimonials

“The Leeds Airport Taxi Services turned out to be a way more convenient than using the courtesy shuttle. I cannot believe that I did not consider this type of service sooner, and the rates are reasonable. They offer personalised services as well. I liked my driver very much.”

~Julianne-Southampton, UK Travel Writer

“My driver was already at the airport before my plane landed. The same driver was also waiting for me at the time of my plan departure. Furthermore, they provided the services I needed traveling from my hotel to area meetings that I had. I have already recommended this taxi service to numerous other people in the six months that I have used this company.”

~Jake-Plymouth, USA Pharmaceutical Sales Person

“Leeds Airport Taxi Services took me safely and promptly to every client meeting, corporate luncheon, and company picnic. I am proud to say that I have used this company for over three years now. They have never let me down, whether it was a long-distant trip or a shorter trip. Furthermore, they always use the latest models of executive vehicles.”

~Stephen-Nottingham, UK Executive Manager

“This company was able to track my delayed flight and still send a car their when my plan finally landed at the airport. That in itself was quite a relief after already having arrived at the airport over two hours late. I have no idea what I would have done if I would have had to wait for a taxi after my experience with my delayed flight. I was still able to make it home in time to see my family for the weekend.”

~Samantha-Ripon, UK Inspector

“I like the fact that this company always knows when our flights leave and arrive. I was convinced that they were the right company to use from the moment I talked to a reservations specialist on the phone. The customer service staff is very professional, and I like the fact that the drivers conduct them selves in a very professional manner. They also dress very nicely as well, which is important to my clients and me.”

~Nathan-Newport, UK Advertising Executive

“My employer recommended that I use this service, as they have already been hiring taxis from this company for years. I am glad that I took their advice and I will be the next one to consider this company a ‘favorite’ of mine.”

~Edward-Wakefield, UK Sales Person

“No lie, I must have had at least a hundred stops to make within the two weeks I was in London. I was happy to have a reliable driver on the task. I cannot think of a better experience I have had with a taxi company. I hope I get the same driver next time I hire this company.”

~Raquel, Spain Executive Consultant

“I like the fact that I was able to choose the size of vehicle that I needed for my team. We all fit very comfortably and we were allowed to bring the right amount of belongings with us.

~Edward-York, UK Business Consultant

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